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We provide services in relation to publishing matters such as writing of press releases, translations and publications. Profile: KL the Guide is to provide tourists with most relevant and up-to-date information during their holiday in KL. Klang Valley 4 Locals is more to an overall coverage on the whole Klang Valley to give everyone the upper hand in deciding their itinerary.

Established in 2000, Bluedale Group of Companies is a full service independent Media specialist agency encompassing a full range of services by dealing with the hassle and letting the clients relax while their work is being done for them. This happens by providing services that range from strategic media planning to content management and ownership for both traditional and new media.

Examples of these services are the syndication of media platforms, buying and implementing media advertising space and airtime, coordinating marketing and advertising activities, negotiating with media owners and administration of media accounts. Because of this, clients do not need to take matters into own hands but can let the hassle be dealt with.

These services are provided through the five different subsidiaries: Bluedale Integrated, Bluedale Media, Bluedale Publishing, Bluedale Event & Consultants and Bluedale Conferences & Exhibitions.

With these services and specialization the aim is to reach the goal of being the best integrated and most dynamic and independent media specialist within the region as well as being a regional player in total advertising and media solution services.

With a background of over 20 years of experience in the advertising and media industry, Lyndon Yap, senior business director, co-founded Bluedale Group of Companies with Annie Goh in 2000. Ever since, they have lead the company to evolve and development in the world of media by expanding their services and businesses, within the group, as the company grew.

By starting with media representation and strategizing, Bluedale has branched out to subsidiary businesses that each have their specialty. With Bluedale being set up in 2003, Bluedale Media followed soon after. In 2004 this started with the offer of self-owned billboards and other outdoor media.

Soon after, Bluedale Event & Consultants arised as an one-stop integrated source for event management and entertainment services as an answer to the increasing demand. Since then it has developed into a full-fledged agency that aims for quality service and successful events.

In 2007 the time came to set a new direction for the company which worked out with the introduction of Bluedale Publishing. This subsidiary organization has aspired to settle as a leading publisher in promoting travel and tourism in Malaysia and has been succeeding so far.

The last addition to the Bluedale Group of Companies was added in 2009. Bluedale Conferences & Exhibitions has gained vast experience in organizing highly successful and well-attended business-generating international exhibitions.

With a wide variety of services and experience in the media industry, Bluedale Group of Companies still remains ambitious. The management has the vision for the company set to become a homegrown brand in media representation and specialization in the Asia-Pacific region to consequently be an established regional player in the media industry with its own offices in other ASEAN countries.

Bluedale Group Of Companies

BLUEDALE Group of Companies was established in the year of 2000 and is a full service independent media specialist that handles:
- Strategic media planning
- Buying and implementing media advertising space and airtime
- Coordination of clients' marketing and advertising activities
- Negotiations with media owners on behalf of clients
- Administration of media accounts

BLUEDALE Group of Companies comprises of 6 different subsidiaries: Integrated, Publishing, Media, Event & Consultants, Conferences & Exhibitions and Ventures. Our vision and mission are to be the best integrated and most dynamic and independent media solution within the region, and a regional player in total advertising and media solution with the dynamics of the current market conditions, yet in a professional way.

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- Publication           
- Media           
- Advertising

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