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Address :
Corregidor Rd, Ilanin Forest East, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Bataan, Philippines

Contact :
Tel +63 47-250 3099

Here, we offer the following UNIQUE & FUN activities which are first in Subic Bay:

Mirror Maze, 3D Trick Art, Enchanted Forest (3D), Dark Room, Science Zone, Ames Room, Optical Illusion Wall, Kids Learning Nook, Costume Area, Subic Bay History Corner, Grass Slide, Garden Maze Adventure, Trampoline and more.

We also have Picnic area, Fun Souvenir Shop and Fun Cafeteria.

Hours of Operation : 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Park Guidelines :
* No food and drinks allowed inside the park.
* No pets allowed.
* Have Fun!

M​i​rror Maze

A challenging adventure for kids and ​the ​kids-at-heart. ​You'll surely have fun figuring your next turn through mirror pathways​. The infinite reflections and corridors will challenge​ your decision-making prowess.

Trick Art
​Play-act with artworks as if you are part of every frame. Post your ​amazing-looking​ photos ​in​ ​I​nstagram, ​F​acebook and ​T​witter!

​​3D Enchanted Forest Garden​
​Interact with nature in this magical walk-through experience. This room is simply awesome​, you'll feel the surroundings growing in you and you, flowing in it!

Science Zone
​​Enjoy​ some interactive activities in this area and learn a few facts about General Science!​ We make it funky!​

Ames Room
A camera trick of perspective. What it is in this room that can turn you to into a giant or a dwarf? Choose your fantasy height with a friend standing next to you.

Other Amenities
​​Optical Illusion Wall, Kids Learning Nook, Costume Room, Wall of Dreams, Wow! Pinoy Wall, Subic Bay History Corner, Be a President for a moment, Grass Slide, Garden Maze Adventure, Basic Team Building Activities, Koi Pond, Trampoline, Picnic Area, Fun Cafeteria, Fun Souvenir Shop and More!​

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