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Established in 2007, PVCSDS has been providing quality windows, doors and other products and services with continuous positive feedback from our clients.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the most widely used plastics due to its useful properties such as fire, corrosion, rust resistance, and electric insulation. Traditionally used in the piping industry, PVC is now available in newer profiles such as windows and doors which are combined with special kinds of glass that makes the whole product cut down external noise in houses and other infrastructures by 80%, have excellent temperature insulation with fire, storm and termite proof properties, having no need for painting which all-in-all leads to a series of eco-friendly qualities and the fact that frames itself lasts for more than 50 years.

With Australian management, our company strives in providing standards on our  products and services focused on quality for the short and long term convenience and benefit of our clients.

Located in Puerto Galera, Oriential Mindoro, Philippines, our company has the advantage of being geographically available to both north and southern regions of the Philippines having clients ranging from Boracay up to Pampanga, La Union.

PVCSDS sources frame material direct from Europe and Bataan, Philippines and quality locks and all stainless screws from trusted manufacturers in Germany and England.

Our company designs and fabricates these raw products into quality PVC windows, doors and other kinds of customized products depending on the infrastructure, its corresponding specifications, and the preferences of our clients.

Products & Services
PVC windows and doors

PVC windows and doors is the new leading feature of houses and establishments that focuses on eco-friendly features, security, style, durability and long lasting convenience.
PVC windows and doors offer:
- Thermal insulation
- Noise reduction by 80%
- Natural light incorporation
- Fire, typhoon and rust proof qualities
- Low maintenance – no painting required
- Security assurance
- Profiles lasting more than 50 years

PVC Windows and Doors come in:
1. Single Glazing Glass
   - Ordinary glass qualities
   - Customizable glass color

2. Laminated Glass
   - Extra thermal insulation
   - Extra Noise  Reduction
   - Extra Durable Setup due to Plastic in the middle.
   - Cuts out 90% of Harmful UV Rays
   - Most Secure Glass Setup
   - Customizable glass color

3. Tempered Glass
   - 4x harder than normal glass – Extra Security
   - Breaks into thousands of pieces, avoiding cuts
   - Customizable glass color

4. Double Glazing Glass
   - Extra thermal Insulation
   - Extra Noise reduction
   - Customizable glass color

5. Special Etched Glass
   - Ordinary glass qualities
   - Stylish Window glass
   - Customizable glass color

6. Insect Screens
PVCSDS offer PVC Windows with the following setup:

- Casement window
- Horizontal Sliding sash window
- Bay window
- Fixed window
- Double-hung sash window
- Tilt and slide window
- Tilt and turn window
- Single-hung sash window
- Awning window

PVCSDS also offers the following PVC Door setup:
- Casement/Swing door
- Sliding door
- French door
- Bifold door
- Flush door
- Louvre door
- Stable/Dutch door
- Pet door

The difference between PVC Windows and PVC Doors:
- PVC Doors have bigger profiles than windows       
- In Casement setup, PVC Doors have different systems from PVC Windows

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