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3A-22 & 3A-22A, Jalan PJU 83, Perdana Business Centre, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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Tel +603-7728 5089

Who We Are
We are a group of passionate and daring go-getters. It’s a lot different than what you’re used to in a media communications agency but that’s how we came about. And that’s how we’ll continue to be. It also defines how we work with our clients and partners. Besides, we get better results this way.

How We Began
Trapper Media began in 2001 when a rebel from the media industry dared to be different. Most of the global media companies dominated the market then, but there was an opportunity that everyone overlooked – doing great work for other passionate business owners, no matter the size.

You Grow, We Grow
Doing great work for other business owners was a completely different ballgame from multinationals. But we earnestly pursued every account and served every client diligently. We knew that because we believed that by ensuring our clients and partners grow, we would grow as well.

Reaching The Top
We eventually attracted a global partner to propel ourselves to the next level, before forging ahead on our own again. We would go on to bring innovation to the media industry, winning regional businesses and awards, and grow our own brands. Today we are known as a media communications agency that serve both business owners and multinational clients.

The Road Ahead
Being mindful of our humble beginnings by pushing the envelope with integrated marketing solutions while always keeping our clients best interest at heart.

We immerse ourselves in meaningful connections driven by global technological advances that will help forge the path for your business success.

Our Services
At Trapper Media Group, we believe in meaningful experiences for all our clients, partners and audiences. We are an extension of your marketing arm. You can expect new ideas from people who think differently.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services which provides as much support as possible, because the greatest ideas remain just ideas until its implemented.

Being media specialists, we’ve now branched not outwards but also upwards, breaking new grounds.

Media Strategy & Planning
It’s not rocket science. As long as you have a team of senior strategists, a passionate media planning team, supported by strong minded thinkers to formulate media strategy, you will achieve business success and have fun at the same time.

Media Buying
The HOT seat in any media communications agency. Dealing with media planners, their bosses, clients and media owners are not an easy task. We have been in the hot seat many times. So getting the best rates and spots are our promise to you so that your target audience is reached in the most efficient manner.

Out of Home Advertising
Stop the press! Without Out of Home, advertising is dead. 24/7/365, you can’t change our channel. We are just more than billboards! Our job is to have a holistic approach to integrate all innovations in outdoors. We are actively moving forwards towards interactions and ambient to create a memorable campaigns.

Digital Media Strategy
It’s not all about numbers. We blend digital experiences into your overall brand strategy to achieve a meaningful connection with your consumers. We are all about replacing algorithms with people-rhythm.

Our team is equipped with the right knowledge and skill set when marrying SEM and SEO. Mixing a strategy across paid and organic listing, defend and expand keyword list, results in higher conversion and brand recall.

Performance Marketing
It’s all about efficiency and conversion. Our in-house team will optimize campaigns from cost, audience targeting, data collection and creatives, making it an end to end digital funnel – mining real consumer data for future marketing planning.

Digital Video Production
Content is King! As a media communications agency, audio and video production is part of our daily schedule. What you gain is cost savings from having everything done in one place.

Website Development
Website is a new name for store front. It can’t just be an information portal, but also comes equipped with functionality. With our interactive designers and programmers, we will blend creativity and practicality into a beautiful experience.

Mobile App Development
How do you fight against the millions of Apps out there? Talk to us and we will create an app that will resonate with your target audience on a personal level.

Social Media Management
Our Social media approach encompasses defining measurable objectives, crafting desirable content, listening and optimising content, analysing engagement and redefining content strategies. This are vital when integrating a social media with a brand.

Events Planning & Management
By bringing the right talents on board, we have managed to spearhead event planning management into a marketing mix in all platforms. In a short time, we have managed significant events and an inaugural event that has set our client apart and put Malaysia on the map.

Sponsorship Marketing
If you have read up to here, you know we have told you the truth. Sponsorship marketing is not for everyone. It is a tried and tested way to raise your profile, attract new businesses and create meaningful connections with your audience. Hence we infuse integrated marketing practices by pairing the quintessential event with the ideal brand.

Guerrilla Marketing
You are finally here. Budgets are a concern, but IMPACT is a prerequisite. You will still get every ounce of our talents to push the boundaries of unconventional methods to achieve maximum impact with minimum resources.

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