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Bebek Bengil

by Bebek Bengil
1203 views @ 27-Oct-2017

Serving delicious food and providing good service in a friendly, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Bebek Bengil (Dirty Duck Diner) was opened in 1990. Many People have asked us how we got the name 'Bebek Bengil'; well here's the story.....

When we were building the restaurant , we thought long and hard of a name. Many suggestions came from our friends, but none seemed just right; We knew we wanted a Balinese name that translated well into English. However, for a long time the metaphor eluded us.

One tropical monsoon morning, when the restaurant was very close to being finished (we had the concrete floor down, and the tables in) a flock of ducks from rice fields across the road (...yes, there were rice fields all around us then!) ran quacking and squawking into the restaurant and across the floor and tables. They left their muddy, webbed footprints all over the place. They were our first guests - these "Dirty Ducks."

Mr Anak Agung Raka started doing business in the tourism industry by opening an art gallery in 1983. Gradually the gallery developed, so my husband and I wanted to further develop the business other than just artefacts, namely opening a restaurant and a hotel.

Ultimately, my dream of opening a restaurant and hotel materialised. The restaurant was erected on land measuring 3500M2. It was opened in 1990. It was managed by my husband (the late A.A. Gde Raka), supported by myself and received positive input from friends. In the beginning, the restaurant prepared a few dishes and beverages; it was a very humble menu indeed, and having the name Dirty Duck 'Bebek Bengil' in mind, I decided to use some of my friend's ducks as well.

At the time, this dish was not included in the restaurant menu because preparing duck is not easy and needs extra attention. This is because duck has an odour that is difficult to get rid of it. So, thanks to our hard work after the death of my husband on August 25, 2003, I continued this business by perfecting the food, beverages and the building.

At the time, there was only seating for 300-500 people. The first official who visited 'Bebek Bengil' was the Minister of Education, then it was Ibu Megawati visited and more recently, we have had the honour to receive President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and other Foreign ministers at our 'Bebek Bengil.'.

Our vision
We, at 'Bebek Bengil Restaurant', have realised that we want to be an iconic restaurant and we want to be a reliable partner for our owners and investors by creating loyal customer base.   

Our mission
Our mission: Provide real satisfaction to all our customers by improving and maintaining product quality and service. We are always updating products and services to be the best. We prepare trained staff to know all the product knowledge, in order to provide perfect service to all of our customers. We have creative and solid management that will constantly develop our restaurants for the better. 

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