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59, Jalan Glasiar, Taman Tasek, 80200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

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Tel +607-238 0448

Who we are

Upholding the motto of “Help the Needy & Relieve the distressed”. Amitabha Malaysia extends our helping hands to the less fortunate nationwide regardless of religious beliefs, ethnics and races and ensure that every cent will be spent for the truly deserving.

Medical Relief – Tend & Nurture the Patient
Amitabha Haemodialysis Centre contributes quality medical equipment, caring medical team and economical kidney dialysis treatment for more kidney disease patients after expansion in Feb. 2012, thus helps patients and their families to reduce the cost of medicines while having continuation of precious lives.
Education – Support & Subsidize the Students
Poverty should not be a reason to sacrifice children’s education. Amitabha Malaysia understands that education is the best way to eradicate poverty, and therefore insists on continually providing Study Grant to children of low-income families to complete their education, thus to achieve the elimination of illiterate, poverty and crime.
Orphanage – Care & Adore the Young
There are 20 children from different family backgrounds under the care of Amitabha Buddhist Orphanage; the number is increasing as the derivative of the social problems. Children receive formal schooling to paint a bright future themselves.

Caring Home – Love & Respect the Elderly
Amitabha Malaysia hosted 60 elderly in 2 nursing homes, providing free accommodation, meals and medical care. In addition to taking care of the elderly basic needs, psychological health of the elderly is also taken into account. Counseling is carried out for the elderly to lead a positive and optimistic life, and stay both physically and mentally healthy.

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