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Lot 123-124, Jalan Gebeng 23, Gebeng Industrial Estate, 26080 Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysa.

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Kaneka Companies in Malaysia was established in 1995 as Kaneka asian base. Since its establishment, we have continued actively invest and expand our business. Kaneka companies in Malaysia has grown to be the largest complex plant in asia region (other than japan) which consist of 6 companies Kaneka Malaysia, Kaneka Eparan, Kaneka Paste Polymers, Kaneka innovative fiber, Kaneka Apical Malaysia, Kaneka MS Malaysia. We have been producing various kind of products such as Kane Ace, Eperan, Paste PVC, Kanekalon, futura (FPW), Apical, Graphite sheet in gebeng industrial area. We have also started produce Kaneka MS Polymer in 2018. We are pvc supplier and pvc manufacturer in this industry.

One of our notorious product including polyimide filmtransparent impact modifierhybrid polymer sealantpvc resingraphite sheetliquid polymerpolymer sealantms polymer, pvc processing aidinstant fix adhesivehigh tack adhesive and expanded polyfoam.

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