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Established in 1982 as a retailer of IT products, Octagon Computer Superstore has grown rapidly from a single store to a vast number of superstores and chain stores nationwide. This is evident by the Management Team’s philosophy of creating awareness on the latest advancements in Information Technology and making them available to the public.

With a sound understanding of consumer needs and industry trends, the management team is well-positioned to steer the direction of the company.

Our existence nationwide merely shows company’s growth beyond expectations. It has more than a hundred retail stores situated in shopping malls covering most key cities in the Philippines. It currently has a work force of more than a thousand employees.
Octagon, being one of the fastest growing retail stores, offers a diverse range of genuine and high quality IT products at a reasonable price, coupled with customer satisfaction through good service, it has be ingrained in people’s mind that for any computer or electronics need, “Octagon is the place to be.”
Octagon delivers Information Technology to the people with its network of branches that cover most of the Philippines archipelago. Through these efforts, Octagon is renowned as the biggest and largest computer retailer in the Philippines.
Through the years, Octagon’s presence in the IT market has created an enviable reputation. Currently, the company ranks as the top IT reseller in the Philippine market.
To date, with 150 branches in place and more branches to open soon, Octagon Computer Superstore is continually growing toward its goal of "Nationwide Reach, Nationwide Service".

A Quick look at Octagon
Committed to be the most preferred computer superstore, octagon carries a comprehensive array of IT related products through its network of branches spanning the entire Philippine archipelago.

Through its knowledge and reliable workforce, octagon strives to provide good customer experiences contributing to the company’s strength and growth.

A true market leader, octagon brings technological innovations within reach of the masses. We take pride in knowing and responding to constantly changing market needs, developing new grounds, endearing ourselves to our loyal customer base. These make octagon the place to be for all IT needs.

Corporate Vision
“Octagon  aims to provide the fundamental Information Technology (IT) needs in the Philippines by partnering with the best  in the industry, investing in emerging technologies, while maintaining an environment  of camaraderie.”

Corporate Objectives
Customer Satisfaction

Octagon recognizes the significance of customer satisfaction. We believe that happy customer are repeat customers and they will share their experiences to would be customers.

We understand that customer satisfaction can be experienced in various ways but it is basically an extremely personal assessment in relation to customer expectations. Octagon aspires to be responsive to our customer’s distinct needs while adhering to honest advice.

Octagon sees to it that customer would be well taken cared of. We aim to provide solutions to various concerns while maintaining a friendly atmosphere in the store.

Geographical expansion
To reach and serve the demands of the Philippine IT market, octagon continues  to explore potential locations to set up shops.

Being an archipelago of 7,107 islands, there is much of the Philippine territory that remains untapped. Octagon pays meticulous attention in selecting strategic locations that will best reach out to our customer. We aim to bring technology closer to the public by making it more convenient for them to access.

Market leadership
To be a market leader, octagon chooses trusted companies that share with its vision to make it IT accessible and available to the general public. By affiliating  with the frontrunners of the industry, our customer are assured that octagon brings the best, the latest, and the freshest technology.

It is through fruitful alliances with vendors, combined with competent management, that octagon can achieve a significant position in the industry.

Employee development
Octagon values its employees, with a current workforce of over 1,000 personnel, octagon treats employees as a family and continuously find ways to improve their quality of life. Employee development programs are constantly being devised and reviewed.

Employee loyalty is an indirect reward of octagon’s effort towards employee development. We believe that loyalty is an integral part of any organization and contributes to a harmonious atmosphere within.  

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