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Restauran Pekin

by Restauran Pekin Taman Sutera
1118 views @ 05-Nov-2017

Pekin Restaurant is a well-know restaurant with long history that are situated in various location of Johor Bahru. It took several years and hard work for Pekin restaurant gained their good reputation and reviews in food and beverage industry of Johor Bahru.

There are four branches in Johor Bahru, namely Restoran Daiman Pekin (Daiman 18 Golf Course) , Restoran Pekin Johor Jaya (Johor Jaya) , Restoran Pekin (Taman Sentosa) and Restoran Pekin Sutera (Tanah Sutera).Location of these four branches are convenient for transport and easy to find.

The Pekin Restaurant is a famous restaurant stationed in the Johor Bahru capital. Although it was established, it took only a few short years to get a good reputation and praise, in the food restaurant industry Pekin Restaurant had occupies a seat.

Pekin House has a total of four branches, namely Pekin Yunhua Palace (Johor Jaya Garden), Pekin Johor Jaya (Johor Jaya garden), Wufu Pekin (Wufu City Garden Branch), and Pekin Seafood Restaurant (Sentosa ). The four branches are located in the main location of the new Johor areas, not only convenient for the transportation, and the location is moderate that make the patrons can easily find.

The interior of the Pekin building is decorated with simple and elegant furnishings, with a modern ambiance and a beautiful outdoor environment where guests can enjoy their meals in a cozy and welcoming environment. At the same time, the bright and spacious hall is suitable for organizing all kinds of celebrations such as birthday feasts, wedding feast, celebration feast, moon feast, and other large festive banquet.

In the dishes, other then home cooking dishes, the Pekin Restaurant has also created a rich Pekin cuisine exquisite dishes. In order to facilitate customers, we also have a variety of supporting for customers to choose. During the festive season, we will launch a special season full of dishes to meet customer requirements.

In addition, in order to meet the taste of local Malay compatriots, Pekin Yunhua Palace (Johor Jaya Garden) prepared the dishes that follow the every single Muslim regulations, Malay who interested in a taste of Chinese food compatriots can be assured in this Two branches.

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